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Terms of Use for House Hunting Service


Thank you for considering the use of the ‘House Hunting Service’ provided by Maruwa Relo Agency. This service provides support from finding a residence to moving in as an agent for customers who wish to search for a property and as a bridge between communication with owners and real estate agents. In order to have a smooth and stress-free search for a residence, please be sure to read the following contents and apply after understanding.


Service Details

  • Collection of desired property information

  • Provision of candidate property information

  • Inspection tour with bilingual staff 

  • Negotiation of contract terms

  • Explanation of important matters written in the Spanish contract

  • Pre-check of the property about one week before moving in (confirmation of cleaning status and normal function of equipment)

  • Bilingual staff attendance on the day of moving in

  • Support for communication with the owner or their agent regarding the property for one month after moving in

In order to receive this service, please agree to the following precautions in advance.


The property for inspection may differ from the previous materials. If the property is contracted by another applicant after the materials are provided and before the inspection, please understand that we will provide a similar one. The confirmation of the residence after the inspection can only be done by paying the security deposit. After paying the security deposit, the owner will block inspections from other applicants.

After paying the security deposit, it will not be refunded until the rental contract expires. We will thoroughly confirm the conditions with the owner on behalf of the customer in advance, but there may be sudden additions or changes to the conditions from the owner. In such cases, even if you decide not to enter into a contract, please understand that many owners do not refund the security deposit under the name of compensation for lost opportunities. Please note that this service does not provide stable guarantees for long-term internet environment, electricity, water, gas, furniture, home appliances, infrastructure of shared spaces, noise from neighboring residents after moving in.さい。


Our service supports communication with the owner or their agent and real estate agents as an agent for the customer. From this perspective, we will support negotiations in case of non-performance of promises from the owner or their agent or real estate agent, but please understand that our company does not guarantee the thorough performance of the promise content. In addition, even if a civil or criminal lawsuit arises between the owner and the customer regarding the housing contract, our company cannot bear the responsibility for the litigation costs. In Mexico’s real estate rental customs, many of the equipment troubles in the room after moving in are often handled by the tenant’s individual arrangement and cost burden, so many owners make similar requests to Japanese customers. For customers who have signed a support contract, we will negotiate with the owner from our company to make it as fair as possible based on the cause and content of the trouble, but in order to continue a good relationship with the owner, we may ask you to comply with Mexican customs to some extent, so please understand


The following events are common troubles after moving in.

  • Instability of internet connection

  • Water pressure and temperature of shower

  • Service interruption due to missed payment of utility bills

  • Poor response of security room

  • Noise from neighboring residents (parties, etc.)


If you contract our support service (only MXN2,000.00 per month), we will help you with communication to solve such troubles.

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