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Maruwa Relo Agency

Your home away from home in Mexico

Featured Property of the Week

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Luma City Milenio

$ 26,000
San Cristobal de las Casas_edited.jpg


Luma City Milenio

San Cristobal de las Casas_edited.jpg


Nápoles CDMX

San Cristobal de las Casas_edited.jpg


Santa Fe Juriquilla


Our service

Modern House

House Hunt

Our bilingual staff will accompany you on property tours and negotiate on your behalf with owners and real estate agents. We provide full support for real estate contracts in Mexico, where business customs may differ from your home country.

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Driver Service​

Our team and experienced drivers will ensure the safe transportation of your superiors from your home country, as well as your family’s shopping trips and school pick-ups and drop-offs. We guarantee the safe transportation of your family and superiors

Image by Maxim Hopman

GPS Dushcam

We offer a service that installs a GPS-enabled dashcam in our clients’ vehicles. In the event of an accident or crime, the dashcam can help pinpoint the location of the incident and provide support. This service provides peace of mind and added security for our clients while on the road

For those of you who are new to Mexico and start living in an unfamiliar environment, our services are there to help you lead a more comfortable and safer life.

  • It is difficult to find housing or check the contract

  • I'm worried about communication with the owner after moving in

  • I want to move safely on business trips and family trips

  • Worried about accidents and crimes while traveling

I think that there are many concerns and questions due to the inability to understand each other due to differences in language and customs.

Maruwariro Agency has Japanese-speaking staff working with local vendors to provide solutions and answers that you can trust.



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