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Regarding our property search service, the fees are as follows:



Tour Fee: Only first tour is free of charge (※1)

Upon contract signing: The amount will be the equivalent of one month's rent for the contracted property, plus 16% IVA (Value Added Tax) added.

Example: If you contract a residence inclusive of utilities for MXN 28,000.00, you will be billed MXN 28,000 plus 16%.


Payment Method:

We will issue a factura (invoice), and we kindly ask you to make the payment via bank transfer to our designated account.


Payment Term:

Once the preview is completed and the security deposit is transferred, the contract will be considered accepted. We will then invoice you for an amount equivalent to one month's rent. After we confirm receipt of your payment to our company, we will begin providing support from the creation of the contract onwards.


One-month-free Support:

Communication support during the first month after occupancy is free of charge. For customers who wish to receive support from the second month onwards, a monthly fee of MXN 2,000.00 (excluding IVA) will be required.

Additionally, for customers who only require support for contract renewal negotiations or support upon moving out, we offer individual support services at a rate of MXN 3,000.00 each (※2).

※1: For subsequent tours, an additional fee of MXN 2,000.00 (excluding IVA) will be charged per preview. From the second preview onwards, up to a maximum of four previews, we will provide assistance at the cost of MXN 2,000.00 per preview.

※2: For customers who contract properties with a rent of MXN 35,000 or more, communication support after the property contract is signed will be free of charge during the first year. From the second year onwards, you can continue receiving support for the following year by paying half of the rent amount.

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